Super Sheds proudly adds value to the community by building Shops, Portable Customized sheds, retreat cabins, hip roof barns, yard storage and more in Chilliwack and Abbotsford.

Super Sheds has the ability to design and build a custom shed to satisfy your dreams and needs. Your options are limitless. We can finish the exterior with smart side, wood shakes, cedar siding, metal, or hardiplank. The roof can be custom built to different roof pitches, as well as placing that extra dormer to set off the shed.   Not only can we build you a quality storage shed but why not add that backyard gazebo to your shed?  This creates a great place to set your hot tub under a fancy timber structure.  And while we are at it why not;

Upgrade the floor from our basic wood floor to a solid concrete floor which is a great feature to increase the longevity of your building.  We are equipped to prep, form and pour a concrete foundation.  Advantages of the concrete floor versus the wood floor is that it will never rot out, rodents will have no space under the floor to nest, the shed will be level with the ground and you will not need a ramp to get up into the shed.

Check out the pictures below for more ideas for YOUR dream shed!

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