Quality built Basic Storage Shed for your backyard constructed by Super Sheds.

Super Sheds basic storage shed is designed with a long life in mind.  There quality surpasses any plastic shed or kit you can find.  You will not have to worry about replacing it in a year or two because of a heavy snowfall, damaging wind storm, or even just having our heavy rains penetrate the roof.

These sheds make for the perfect backyard storage or garden shed.  We can build them in any size (however common sizes go in 2′ intervals, eg. 8 x 8, 8 x 10 etc).  We build all our units on site at your place to ensure the floor is built nice and level.  The floor sits on 4 x 4 PT sill plates with a 2 x 4 framed floor on top of it. Your floor will be covered with 5/8″ T&G plywood which will stand up to your lawnmower being parked on it. The walls are all 2 x 4 frame covered with Tyvex and finished with long lasting smart side. The roof is finished with a high quality asphalt shingle.

To view our basic sheds in Chilliwack and surrounding areas have a look at our photo gallery.

Basic Style Shed Gallery

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