1. Super Shed Vision

  •  To be the expert shed builder and gain the societies trust to become the biggest shed supplier in the Eastern Fraser Valley, including Chilliwack and the surrounding areas.  These sheds will be constructed using only the highest qualitymaterials so that the results will be the fantastic, and the shed will outlast all others.  In doing all this Super Sheds values strong customer relationships that will strengthen the local and growing community.

2. Super Shed Mission

  • Super Sheds builds superior sheds using the highest quality material available, in order to give customers a secure feeling that their possessions are safe.  This is done in a professional and organized manner so that the customer and supplier are on the same page.  We are proud to offer our services to everyone who needs or wants a shed and lives in the Eastern Fraser Valley, including Chilliwack and the surrounding areas.

3. Core Values

  • Work Hard
  • Use Time wisely
  • Clear Communication
  • Always learning
  • Integrity
  • Building strong relationships


4. About Our Chilliwack Sheds

  • Whether you want a simple back yard Shed or a completely customized and decked out castle, all our buildings are built using only the best materials.  All our buildings are constructed out of 2 x 4 materials unless the customer prefers to have a thicker floor or walls.  No foundation is required.  This makes the shed portable!  All that we recommend having is a gravel base for the shed to rest on.

Step 1: Flooring

  • First we will lay down 4 x 4 pressure treated runners for the floor to rest on.  This way the floor will be raised off the ground in order to allow for airflow underneath the shed and to prevent rotting.  After constructing a 2 x 4 floor skid we will sheet it with 5/8” Tung and Groove plywood.  Using 5/8″ plywood will make the floor strong enough to hold whatever you may want to store.

Step 2: Walls

  • After the floor is built, the walls will be framed.  The walls are built from 2 x 4.  After we frame the wall, Tyvek will be installed to prevent moisture from entering the shed.   Once the Tyvek is put on the wall, it is sheeted with smart side.  Smart side is the finished product on the outside of the shed.  After all four walls are built we lift them up.

Step 3: Trusses & Roofing

  • Super Sheds builds our own trusses for the shed.  We space them on 2’ centers.  After the trusses are up we finish the gables.  After the gables are completed we sheet the roof using ½” OSB plywood.  On our standard sheds our overhangs are 6”.  Of course, we can make them bigger if you want.  Before finishing the roof we will tarpaper it.  Tarpaper not only prevents moisture from entering the shed, but if you choose to finish your roof with metal, it will prevent condensation.  The roof can be finished using asphalt shingles, wood shakes or metal.

Step 4: Ventilation

  • Another important part of building your shed is making sure it has good ventilation.  This problem is easily solved by inserting roof vents.

Step 5: Windows

  • Installing a window in your shed is a simple way for free light.  We only used quality insulated windows.

Step 6: Doors

  • There are several options for accessing your shed.  Your simplest option is going with our standard wood doors that we build ourselves using the smart side used on the exterior of the shed.  However you can also go with an metal exterior door which is better for security reasons.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

  •  The exterior of the shed will all be professionally caulked and sealed before paint is applied.  The body of the shed can be painted one color and the trim another.  Both the trim and the body of the shed receive two coats of paint.  To extend the life of your shed we recommend painting it every 5-8 years.

Step 8: Limitless options

  • Super Sheds recognizes that everybody has a different taste of how their shed should look.  If you really want to go out of the way almost everything is possible.  If you felt that a wooden floor wasn’t good enough we can prepare and pour a concrete floor.  What about the exterior?  Not only do we finish our sheds with smart side but many other options are available as well.  The exterior of the shed can be finished with horizontal hardy board, cedar siding, metal, board and batten, or even brick or stones.  For the garden lovers we can even build a flower box under the window!
  • The interior of your customized shed can be finished as well.  Since you already have the insulated windows and vapor barrier on the walls and roof you do not have to worry about any water problems.  The walls can be insulated and sheeted with ½” plywood to finish off the inside.  Shelving is also another of the many options Super Sheds has to offer.  Building a workbench or an entire wall of shelves is possible.  If you want power and lights in your shed Super Sheds will take care of that as well.

5. Pricing

  •  Our custom sheds do not have a fixed price.  Every shed is different and should be priced accordingly.  If we had a fixed price it may not always be accurate as every shed is not the same as the last.  Our business offers free consultations, and during this time we will discuss what type of shed you need and may price it on the spot.  If it is a unique and customized shed we may come back with a price in the next few days so we can get the most accurate price possible.