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3 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Creating More Space!

Building your back yard storage shed may seem like a big mountain to climb. However with Super Sheds looking after the construction of your shed you will find that there was nothing to look up against. Here are 3 reasons why we take the stress out of building your shed:

1. Design of your shed

The first obstacle that many people run into is how big of a shed do I need? what style would look good in my back yard? With our expert experience we have solved hundreds of these situations. The first question we ask at an onsite consultation is what is going to be stored in the shed? For example if it is a push lawnmower and a few garden tools, a 8′ x 8′ shed should work perfect for your situation. What kind of style? What kind of doors do I need? Are windows an option? What kind of roof do I need? For most situations the basic A-frame roof is sufficient. With a 5/12 pitch on the roof this gives the shed a good look. If you have a limited space for the shed to be constructed on, we can build an hip roof. This gives more space for a loft in the shed which gives extra storage space. Super Sheds has a basic 5′ double opening wooden door. This 5′ double door is perfect for bringing lawnmowers, wheel barrows and other larger items into the shed. As for windows: some people like them for extra light in the shed while others do not want them for security reasons. A important idea to keep in mind is that when the 5′ double opening wood door is open this allows lots of light to filter into the shed. Of course there are other options as well such as electrical, insulation, sheeting the inside, workbenches and much more… call us up for a FREE on-sight consultation to figure out what is best for you!

2. Construction of your shed

Super Sheds has built many sheds across the Easter Fraser Valley. We have all the tools required to build the shed, from nail guns to saws to hammers and other hand tools. We take the stress out of the build and all you have to do is sit back and watch. We offer the complete package from the design of your shed to the finishing touches. There is no need to buy a kit at Rona, Home Depot or other big companies. Purchasing a kit may be cheaper, but remember that you will have to go through the process of building the shed yourself. You will need the correct tools and the list goes on. However with Super Sheds we take care of it all, and you do not have to worry about parts missing (and being on hold for hours to a big company to figure out were the parts are) or how to assemble the next step of your shed. We take the stress out of constructing your extra storage space.

3. Completion of your shed

Super Sheds takes pride in the work they do. Every shed is completed using only the highest quality materials. Upon completion of the shed we ensure that the sight is all cleaned up and that all the garbage is taken away. All that you will have to do is move into your new custom built shed. With all the extra space you will be able to clean up around your yard and safely and securely store it away from the elements. This new structure on your property will also ad value to your home.

Call us today at (604) 819-3041 to schedule a FREE onsite consultation and let’s get started on creating more space for your home without any stress!



James Vallance

“I have used John on a couple custom shed projects over the years and am super impressed with his work and punctuality. I’d recommend his services.”

Rose Gooch

“Just the best shed ever. John did a awesome job. John was on time everyday. It only took john 3 1/2 day to build the shed all by himself. I highly recommend John, he is a very hard working perfectional man.”

Brian Bouma

“Could not be happier. John is a machine. Our shed looks amazing and holy crisp he’s fast. Amazing job.. Thanks John and we will have you back for sure.”