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Maintaining your Shed

Having a new shed built looks great and will add value to your home. However certain questions may arise on how to maintain your shed.

It is important to understand that Super Sheds has built your shed with a long life in mind. This being said there is not many things to worry about. Some questions that you may have could be:

Will my shed settle over time?

Yes, the shed may settle over a period of time. However, this is not a big concern as even new houses settle a little. We always make sure the base is nice and solid. If the shed is resting on concrete blocks we make sure that they are sitting directly on the dirt so that the vegetation will not decay causing the shed to settle. Building the shed on a gravel pad is also nothing to be concerned about as long as the gravel is packed.

If you would like absolutely no settling to occur we recommend pouring a concrete floor.

Will the floor rot?

The floor of the shed should not rot. We always recommend that the shed is elevated a little over the rest of the property. This can be done by raising the ground with gravel. Another important note is that our sheds sit on pressure treated 4 x 4 runners which also elevates the shed and allows for air movement underneath the shed.

Will water come into the shed through the walls?

Water will not come through the walls. We always supply and install Tyvek so that there is a moisture barrier between your tools and the outside elements.

Will my roof leak?

Your roof should not leak. We are proud to say that not one of our rooves has ever leaked. This is because we first lay down tarpaper and then install the asphalt shingles. These shingles are melted down once some heat is applied (sun) and this seals off the roof and keeps shingles from blowing away.

Do I have to paint my shed? How often?

We do recommend that your shed is painted. Super Sheds will paint the shed upon owner’s request. During the summer months we have a sprayer that will coat the shed with paint once it is built. During the winter months we can pre paint the siding before install. Once spring arrives we do recommend that the owner paints the shed a final coat.

In order to keep the color and protect the siding we do recommend applying a coat of paint every 8-10 years.



James Vallance

“I have used John on a couple custom shed projects over the years and am super impressed with his work and punctuality. I’d recommend his services.”

Rose Gooch

“Just the best shed ever. John did a awesome job. John was on time everyday. It only took john 3 1/2 day to build the shed all by himself. I highly recommend John, he is a very hard working perfectional man.”

Brian Bouma

“Could not be happier. John is a machine. Our shed looks amazing and holy crisp he’s fast. Amazing job.. Thanks John and we will have you back for sure.”